Friday, March 1st + Sunday, March 3rd: Trouble #18 (ACAB) + Letter Writing

Friday, March 1st is the first Friday of the month and therefore the Trouble Showing at Firestorm Books and Coffee in Asheville, NC. Episode 18, entitled ACAB (for All Cops Are Bastards) airs at 6:30pm and will be followed by a little over an hour of discussion. Preview the episode here.

Then, on Sunday March 3rd, as the 1st Sunday of the month, BRABC will hold it’s Political Prisoner letter writing event, again at Firestorm. The event begins at 5pm, letter writing materials including stamps, prisoners names and stories, addresses and help in writing. If you’ve never written someone a letter or someone in prison in particular, no worries. It’s a nice social time. The event runs from 5pm to 7:30pm.

February Letter Writing

The usual, Sunday, February 3rd. Avoid Super Bowl Sunday with us!

Feb Doc, “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey With Mumia Abu-Jamal”

This month as the sub.Media Trouble shutdown continues, BRABC’ll be airing the 2 hour documentary from 2013, “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey With Mumia Abu-Jamal,” about author, journalist, former Black Panther and political prisoner, Mumia.  In recent months, Mumia’s case has taken a major turn with the opening up of an option for Mumia and…

BLVCK MVSS: Feb 1st Hip Hop Benefit for BRABC

We are excited to announce that at 8pm on Friday, February 1st at 8pm #VVITCHGANGCOVEN will perform a showcase at The Mothlight in West Asheville featuring performances by: VVitchboy X Akuma Scarlaween Cool World Order Herb Da Wizard Jagger & Xor The show is 18+ and the door is $7

New Years Eve Noise Demo

Flyer for the Asheville 2018 NYE Noise Demo

Join folks from around the area to engage this yearly tradition to make some noise to ring in the New Year outside the Buncombe County Jail at 7pm, Monday December 31st!  A noise demo means bring layers (gonna be chilly), bring noisemakers, bring a buddy and let folks inside the jail know people outside are…

Movie showing for January

Flyer for the BRABC Move, Jan 4, 2019

Since Trouble isn’t showing this month (sub.Media is taking a brief break), we’re going to show the PBS Frontline documentary from a few months back, “Documenting Hate: New American Nazis”.  6:30pm, Friday January 4th at Firestorm Books!

Trouble #17: Mad Worlds

This coming Friday (Dec 7) at Firestorm, join BRABC at Firestorm Books & Coffee​ from 6:30 til 8pm for a screening of the final Trouble (by Sub.Media​) of the year! We’ll watch the mini-documentary and chat about radical approaches to mental health under capitalism. A good way to start your Friday night. Mental Health in…

December Prisoner Letter Writing Night

Sunday, December 2nd, as in the first Sunday of every month, we meet at Firestorm to write letters to prisoners facing repression or whose birthdays are coming up soon. Join us, no experience necessary, we provide addresses and stationary and can talk about the cases of folks we’re writing to. Come and write letters to…

Phone Zap to Get Malik Out of Solitary!



Incarcerated activist Keith “Malik” Washington has experienced intense, targeted harassment ever since he began speaking out against the brutal conditions faced by incarcerated people in Texas and nationwide–but over the past few months, prison officials have intensified this retaliation even further.

In Administrative Segregation (solitary confinement) at McConnell Unit, Malik has experienced frequent humiliating strip searches, medical neglect, mail tampering and censorship, confinement 23 hours a day to a cell that reached 100+ degrees in the summer, and other daily abuses too numerous to name.

Most importantly, Malik’s placement in Ad-Seg is a textbook example of political repression: a punitive response to organizing against the exploitation and dehumanization of prison slavery.

Please make calls to the prison officials below to demand Malik’s release from Ad-Seg and an immediate END to abuses against him!


Malik was thrown into Ad-Seg in 2016 for endorsing the nationwide prison strike to #EndPrisonSlavery. To this day, prison officials acknowledge that he is in solitary for political activism–that is, for encouraging people to engage in non-violent tactics of work refusal and boycotts of prison industries.

And it gets worse: Malik was cleared for release from Ad-Seg back in June, but the decision was abruptly reversed on the basis of “information” allegedly received by a shadowy, unaccountable intelligence operation called a Fusion Center–information that has never been disclosed, evaluated or verified by anyone, ever.


Make the calls on Tuesday (ideally between 9AM-1PM) and send emails to addresses provided. Call script provided below!

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier
Phone: (936)295-6371

McConnell Unit Senior Warden Philip Sinfuentes
Phone: (361) 362-2300

TCDJ Region IV Director Miguel Martinez
Phone: (361) 362-6328


“Hello, I’d like to talk to _______. I’m calling because Keith Washington’s (TDC#1487958) placement in Ad-Seg is a clear case of political repression and retaliation, which has no connection whatsoever to any legitimate security or safety concern.

You are trying to make an example out of him, and I demand that the intense harassment and retaliation against Keith cease immediately, especially the strip searches, medical neglect, and mail tampering he has been subjected to on your watch.

Most importantly, I’m calling to demand that you convene a special review of Keith’s placement in Ad-Seg and release him back to general population ASAP.

I am well aware that Keith was cleared for release from Ad-Seg by the State Classification Committee back in June, and the abrupt reversal of that decision was made on the basis of information that has NEVER been disclosed to Malik or any other person, and has never been independently evaluated or verified–in other words, it’s a pure fiction, another clear indicator of the political repression he is facing. I demand you release Malik from Ad-Seg immediately–his placement there is completely illegitimate!”



– When you call, ask for the specific individuals listed above, but don’t expect to reach them; it’s totally fine to leave a message with their receptionist.

– Don’t be surprised if they try to transfer you a million times, keep you on hold, etc. Just talk to or leave a message with whoever you can.

– Don’t be surprised if they lie to you (“Oh, Keith is doing just fine”)–just stick to the script/talking points

– Don’t feel you have to be overly polite or overly rude; just go with whatever feels natural!

– Use the buddy system! Make the calls with one or more friends!

– Report your call: post how your call went (what they said, if they mentioned that others have called, etc)



View his work at or write him at:

Keith H. Washington
TDC# 1487958
McConnell Unit
3001 S. Emily Drive
Beeville, TX 78102

Workshop on tech security and preventing doxxing

Saturday, Nov 17th @ 4:00pm Abolishing Your Selfie: Managing One’s Online Presence Blue Ridge Anachist Black Cross continues its ongoing series of tech security workshops, this time with a focus on “doxxing.” Come learn what doxxing is and what you can do to keep it from happening from you. Participants will weigh the pros and…