Thank You For Donating

Over the past few days we received over $30,000 with donations still coming in. With your help we were able to release everyone from pre-trial detention. While many people who were arrested during the protests were not assigned bail and others were just cited and released, there were two individuals who we were only able to bail out thanks to all of you donations. Their bail totaled $10.5k. Everything that we have left over will be saved for future times of need as we expect that the struggle against racism, capitalism, the state and police, is far from over with more protests already planned in our community.
For those that asked, our collective is only bailing out people arrested in relation to political action, but prioritizes black, brown, and trans people due to their disproportionate experience of rates of incarceration and danger while incarcerated. We wish we could bail every single person as no one deserves to live even a single moment inside of a cage until bail and jail are abolished, but it is beyond the scale of our humble project. In the meantime, we will continue to fight against the carceral system for the abolition of police and prisons, and do our best to support the people who take the risks to create the world we all deserve.  

FBI Questions Arrestees from Asheville Protests


Two people arrested during the protests in Asheville were questioned by the FBI while in custody. Both talked with jail support about it and shared that the agents were asking who the planners and leaders were, who was coordinating and funding. These sound like standard general questions, and are consistent with reports nationwide of FBI approaching people arrested in the uprisings in custody or door knocking after release. Unfortunately this is normal and to be expected. As we now know this has happened here, it’s a great time to review our best practices and share resources with new friends. The NLG will be asked to make support and education about FBI visits available to communities statewide who are protesting. Locally, we have lots of resources and experience to share.

Some things to do/keep doing:
– Generalize materials about law enforcement questioning and door knocks. Give special effort to share directly with people you’re working with and meeting through the protests in addition to posting on social media. Don’t assume everyone already knows something or feel embarrassed if you don’t know something.

-Efficient legal support helps keep people from being vulnerable to law enforcement in custody and means they already have a lawyer before a potential contact after release.

-Learn about what support is available so you can assure others they have support if they refuse to speak to police/FBI. Bolster legal support organizing and the people doing it to keep this high standard of legal support sustainable.

-Avoid the spread of rumors about FBI and confirm reports. Share confirmed info carefully, precisely and widely. Support yourself and others around the anxiety this brings up.

-Take a personal inventory of your practices and your resources.

When the Police Knock Guide
If An Agent Knocks Zine
Know Your Rights – NLG Zine
If the FBI Approaches You to Become an Informant
What is Security Culture
NC Resists 
National Lawyers Guild NC

Call Todd Ishee at NCDPS to Demand Covid-19 Testing in NC Prisons

Over the past month, covid19 has blazed through NC prisons like wildfire. 
Across DPS facilities, over 600 people have tested positive — roughly the same number of cases in all of Wayne County, which has a population that is 3x larger. One person (at Pender C.I) has already died of complications, and a single facility (Neuse C.I.) has a mind-boggling 466 positive cases.
The reason Neuse has so many confirmed cases is that DPS decided to test everyone there–and they should do the same at all facilities with significant numbers of positive cases, such as NCCI Women, where 81 people have tested positive so far. This is the only way to know the full scale of the outbreak and to be able to take appropriate measures to mitigate further spread.  
Please call Commissioner of Prisons Todd Ishee on Thursday, April 30 to demand universal testing at four hard-hit prisons!

Hello, my name is ___. I’m calling because Commissioner Ishee needs to direct Caledonia CI, Bertie CI, Pasquotank CI, and NCCIW to immediately begin testing their entire inmate populations for covid19.  Currently, at Caledonia 17 people have tested positive, at Pasquotank 19 have tested positive, at Bertie 10 have tested positive, and at NCCI Women, the outbreak has already reached disastrous proportions with 81 cases confirmed. 

As soon as widespread testing was done at Neuse CI, dozens of confirmed cases became hundreds overnight. We know how quickly this virus spreads, especially at close quarters, so any delay in testing is unconscionable. Facilities staff say they don’t have the authority to make this decision, so Ishee is the one who needs to act. On April 22 after the first person in DPS custody died from complications of covid, Ishee told the press “Any death is a tragedy, and we must continue our efforts to do all we can to try and flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Prisons.”  Ishee needs to listen to his own advice and take action to avoid future tragedies by beginning universal testing at NCCIW, Caledonia, Bertie, and Pasquotank NOW!
Todd Ishee, Commissioner of Prisons:
Phone: 919-838-4000
House Phone:  (330)544-4425

Fire Ant #6

We present here the 6th issue of Fire Ant Journal, featuring the voices of anarchist prisoners including: Sean Swain, Jennifer Rose, Michael Kiimble, Marius Mason, Thomas Meyer-Falk and Noah Coffin.

[High Res (45.1MB): PDF for printing] (8.5×11)

[Lower Res (4.5MB): PDF for printing] (8.5×11)

COVID19 info zine for NC prisoners

Update (April 11th): We’ve updated the zine with new information. The links below have been updated.

COVID19 poses a serious threat in prisons and jails due to the nature of these facilities (overcrowded, cramped, unsanitary) and due to the lack of political, social, and economic capital criminalized people and communities possess.

We’ve developed a COVID19 Info Zine for NC prisoners as a resource to help people inside have reliable info in this crisis, both about the pandemic and about what communities are doing to advocate for folks inside. We encourage anyone who writes to someone inside to send it in. It was compiled specifically for NC prisoners, but the health info is relevant to all and the advocacy steps could be translated to any state or jurisdiction. While the guide is primarily in English there are a few sections with key info (symptoms, how to avoid spread) that are in Spanish as well.

COVID19 for Prisoners Readable PDF

COVID19 for Prisoners Printable PDF

Remote Film: Condemned

Condemned Movie Cover

From the facebook event: Join us for a film screening and discussion of the short documentary film “Condemned,” which tells the story of Bomani Shakur (or Keith Lamar) who is on death row for five murders he did not commit or play any part in during the 1993 Lucasville Prison uprising. Bomani was recently…

Phone Zap for North Carolina Prisoners

Monday, March 23rd 2020, folks are encouraged to flood the phone lines of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and demand the release of all prisoners due to the mismanagement, lack of preparedness, lack of access to free sanitary living conditions for it’s wards in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.  You can call Governor…

‘All Power To The People’ film showing

Join BRABC for a showing of the amazing 1996 documentary, ‘All Power To The People: The Black Panther Party and Beyond’.  This film features the voices of many folks involved in the BPP, BLA and other liberation movements of the 1960’s and 70’s as well as historians and activists talking about the suppression of the…

March 1st Prisoner Letter Writing

March 1st, 2020, Political Prisoner Letter Writing Join Blue Ridge ABC at Firestorm Books from 5-7pm, Sunday March 1st.  We’ll be writing political prisoners in the US with upcoming birthdays and prisoners facing repression for organizing and speaking out behind bars.  We provide the materials, names and case info and a nice atmosphere.  Haven’t written…

Trouble #4: No Justice, Just Us

This month, BRABC will be showing an earlier episode of Trouble at Firestorm Coffee (610 Haywood Rd, Asheville).  The film will start at 6:30pm, run roughly 30 minutes, and leave us about an hour for discussion of the contents afterwards.   From the description: Trouble # 4: No Justice… Just Us No Justice… Just Us:…