BR@BC is a collective of anarchists who believe that jails and prisons, rather than offering a solution to the harms people commit against themselves and their communities, instead make social problems worse. We are a prison abolitionist organization, which is to say we are part of a wider movement working towards an end of incarceration and the creation of alternative, transformative forms of justice in our society.


Anarchist Black Cross is a community defense organization that supports political prisoners. It started over 100 years ago in Tsarist Russia and has gone through many iterations since. Related chapters exist around the US and the world.


BR@BC is committed to offering support to prison rebels, anarchist prisoners, and other political prisoners and prisoners of war in the US. We believe in supporting those who fight for collective liberation against all forms of institutional oppression. We are also working to raise funds to support folks on the outside who suffer repression for political actions they take part in. Finally, we are looking to support decarceration efforts in our community.