Over the past few days we received over $30,000 with donations still coming in. With your help we were able to release everyone from pre-trial detention. While many people who were arrested during the protests were not assigned bail and others were just cited and released, there were two individuals who we were only able to bail out thanks to all of you donations. Their bail totaled $10.5k. Everything that we have left over will be saved for future times of need as we expect that the struggle against racism, capitalism, the state and police, is far from over with more protests already planned in our community.
For those that asked, our collective is only bailing out people arrested in relation to political action, but prioritizes black, brown, and trans people due to their disproportionate experience of rates of incarceration and danger while incarcerated. We wish we could bail every single person as no one deserves to live even a single moment inside of a cage until bail and jail are abolished, but it is beyond the scale of our humble project. In the meantime, we will continue to fight against the carceral system for the abolition of police and prisons, and do our best to support the people who take the risks to create the world we all deserve.