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Thank You For Donating

Over the past few days we received over $30,000 with donations still coming in. With your help we were able to release everyone from pre-trial detention. While many people who were arrested during the protests were not assigned bail and others were just cited and released, there were two individuals who we were only able to bail out thanks to all of you donations. Their bail totaled $10.5k. Everything that we have left over will be saved for future times of need as we expect that the struggle against racism, capitalism, the state and police, is far from over with more protests already planned in our community.
For those that asked, our collective is only bailing out people arrested in relation to political action, but prioritizes black, brown, and trans people due to their disproportionate experience of rates of incarceration and danger while incarcerated. We wish we could bail every single person as no one deserves to live even a single moment inside of a cage until bail and jail are abolished, but it is beyond the scale of our humble project. In the meantime, we will continue to fight against the carceral system for the abolition of police and prisons, and do our best to support the people who take the risks to create the world we all deserve.  

FBI Questions Arrestees from Asheville Protests


Two people arrested during the protests in Asheville were questioned by the FBI while in custody. Both talked with jail support about it and shared that the agents were asking who the planners and leaders were, who was coordinating and funding. These sound like standard general questions, and are consistent with reports nationwide of FBI approaching people arrested in the uprisings in custody or door knocking after release. Unfortunately this is normal and to be expected. As we now know this has happened here, it’s a great time to review our best practices and share resources with new friends. The NLG will be asked to make support and education about FBI visits available to communities statewide who are protesting. Locally, we have lots of resources and experience to share.

Some things to do/keep doing:
– Generalize materials about law enforcement questioning and door knocks. Give special effort to share directly with people you’re working with and meeting through the protests in addition to posting on social media. Don’t assume everyone already knows something or feel embarrassed if you don’t know something.

-Efficient legal support helps keep people from being vulnerable to law enforcement in custody and means they already have a lawyer before a potential contact after release.

-Learn about what support is available so you can assure others they have support if they refuse to speak to police/FBI. Bolster legal support organizing and the people doing it to keep this high standard of legal support sustainable.

-Avoid the spread of rumors about FBI and confirm reports. Share confirmed info carefully, precisely and widely. Support yourself and others around the anxiety this brings up.

-Take a personal inventory of your practices and your resources.

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A Statement About the Subpoena in Asheville

[Declaración sobre la citación en Asheville en Español abajo]

Asheville Anti Racism was recently alerted to the existence of an investigation being conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security on November 4, 2019. Riseup.net received a subpoena requesting any and all records/information related to names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, MAC addresses, payment information for the following email: ashevilleantiracism@riseup.net

Riseup responded to the request on October 21, 2019 indicating that they do not keep records of the information that was requested and that they planned on notifying the account by email after one week of the existence of the subpoena.

ICE is a threat to our communities, regardless of whether you are a citizen or not. We maintain the position that ICE should be abolished and will continue to push back against this investigation. There are no individuals named in this subpoena and we do not know the reason for this request. With the knowledge of the existence of the investigation we bring you a reminder to not talk to agents of law enforcement. Please take care in the ways that you discuss this investigation as to not endanger yourselves or others: Speculation, gossip, and rumors can only harm yourself and you communities. We do want people to not feel afraid to continue to work together, to act, and to stand up for their ideals for a world without borders. Please take time to make sure you have access to an attorney, and to refresh yourselves on your legal rights, security culture and technological security practices.

If you need access to more resources to a lawyer or if you are approached by an agent, please send an email to AshevilleAntiRepression@riseup.net

Reminder that we are not lawyers, and cannot offer any legal advice. Additionally, please do not disclose sensitive information in an email to us. We will connect you with an attorney so you can confidentially discuss the details of your situation.



On December 6 there will be a a workshop and discussion about building community resiliancy in the face of state repression hosted by BRABC & NC Resists.


Declaración sobre la citación en Asheville

El 4 de noviembre, 2019, Asheville Anti Racism fue alertado de la existencia de una investigación llevada a cabo por el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement) y el Departamento de Seguridad Interior (DHS, Department of Homeland Security). Riseup.net recibió una citación solicitando todos los registros e información relacionados a nombres, direcciones, números telefónicos, direcciones de correo electrónico, direcciones IP, direcciones MAC, e información de pagos asociados con el siguiente correo electrónico: ashevilleantiracism@riseup.net.

El 21 de octubre, 2019, Riseup respondió a la petición, señalando que no mantiene registros de la información solicitada y que planeaba notificar a la cuenta, por correo electrónico, de la existencia de la citación después de 8 días.

ICE es una amenaza a nuestras comunidades, cualquiera que sea su estatus de ciudadanía. Mantenemos la posición de que ICE se debe abolir y vamos a seguir resistiendo esta investigación. Esta citación no nombra a ningún individual y desconocemos la razón de la solicitud. Con el conocimiento de la existencia de esta investigación, le recordamos a usted que no hable con lxs oficiales de las fuerzas del orden.

Por favor, tenga cuidado con las maneras en que habla de esta investigación para no poner en peligro a si mismx o a otrxs. La especulación, el chisme y los rumores sólo les pueden lastimar a usted y a sus comunidades. No queremos que el pueblo tenga miedo a seguir trabajando juntos, actuando, y luchando por sus ideales y por un mundo sin fronteras. Por favor tómese el tiempo de asegurarse que tenga acceso a un/a abogadx y de recordarse de sus derechos legales, cultura de seguridad y prácticas de seguridad informática.

Si necesita acceso a más recursos, a un/a abogadx, o si se le acerca un agente, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a AshevilleAntiRepression@riseup.net.

Acuérdese que no somos abogadxs y no podemos ofrecer asesoría legal. Además, por favor no nos divulgue información sensible por correo electrónico. Le conectaremos con un/a abogadx para que pueda discutir confidencialmente los detalles de su situación.


El 6 de diciembre habrá un taller y discusión sobre la construcción de la resiliencia comunitaria ante la represión del estado, organizado por BRABC y NC Resiste (NC Resists).